When Do we need wool rugs?

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Wool is the most popular material when it comes to defining the materials for rugs. Viscose and silk, however, taste good market share as well. Since wool grabs the utmost priority and top-notch styling factor, it gets a normal price point than the rest. Different varieties of hand-knotted rugs like New Zealand wool, Mohair, Himalayan wool, and Indian Wool, etc. can give different touch and visuals.

hand knotted modern rug

We need a wool rug because:

  • Wool is biodegradable
  • authentic
  • stylish
  • sustainable
  • easy to clean
  • and most importantly safe for your family.
wool rugs

So let us delve into the points to know their benefits on why you need wool rugs:-

Treat to eyes: Beautiful wool rugs increase the beauty of the house and will complete the decor too. They come in various styles, techniques, and designs. They are inculcated in homes from aesthetics. A colorful and full of patterns wool rug if placed in a room than it will bring light and vibrancy to a room. And if you get a rug that is of different shade and pattern than it will become a center of attraction.

handmade modern rugs and carpets

For insulation:  Wool rug provides comfort underfoot, and providing excellent sound absorption and heat. Most of the houses have hardwood flooring and hardwood floors can get cold when the temperature decreases.
So if you have such floors than you must have wool rugs for warmth. Eve a carpet in your living space can give a very cozy and comfortable feel to you and your family.

Design Choices: There are a lot of choices of designs available at Pristine Rugs. You must have the one that you think will align with the theme and tone of your house. You can place a cartoon design rug in your kid’s rooms as they enjoy the feel of them under their feet.
Bright color rugs bring a burst of colors in homes. Rugs and carpets are perfect for any bedroom decoration.

Budget-Friendly: We at Pristine Rugs & Carpets provide all our rugs at a competitive price, we provide an exceptional selection of wool rugs at competitive prices so everyone has a beautiful rug in their home. Because silk rugs are a little expensive as compare to wool rugs. Or you can buy hand-tufted rugs as well, or if you want need hand-knotted rugs then buy our New Zealand Wool & Art Silk rugs it will budget-friendly.

Cleaning the carpet: There are numerous ways to clean your carpet. Wool rugs are known to be durable. Wool fibers help them keep their shape and colors, even in areas of heavy traffic. Wool rugs naturally repel stains but are less water-resistant than other rugs.

Even though most people think that they don’t have to decorate the floors, a rug can highly change the look of any room and make it look plush with the feel and finish. The hand-knotted wool, silk, viscose, rugs and carpets will definitely take you by surprise with their sheer brilliance and amazing texture, designs.

i.) Wool rugs are budget-friendly as compare to a silk rug,
ii.) wool rugs capable enough to make a normal interior to a luxury and upmarket interior,
iii.) you get various designs options as you get in silk or viscose or any other carpet, at a nominal cost,
iv.) and, these are easy to cleans and can easily handle heavy foot traffic.
v.) wool rugs come with a wide range of color options to choose from as per your home interior.

With this, you can explore our carpets varieties presented on Pristine Rugs. Now, your job will be visiting these categories and choose the most enticing rug for your interiors. If you have an order or any query, kindly contact us.

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