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Types Of Materials Used

Every type of rug material does its job perfectly. From woven cotton rugs to luxury silk rugs, each type looks great in the specific location where they are usually placed. Knowing the best rug material is really important if you want to create a great look for your room.
Below are some of the best rug materials:
The most common type of material is wool which comes from the sheep. These wools work great if you want one for your living room or bedroom as they are very warm, and you would definitely love to walk on these rugs barefooted. Moreover, these are easy to clean as they store all the dust and dirt on the pil
A great quality of viscose is that they can mimic other materials look. They are available in many different colors and designs and are soft (not as much as the natural fibers), water and stain resistant which makes them much more durable and you can count them as low maintenance rugs.
Silk rugs are the most luxuries type of rugs and are made out of natural fibers which are produced by the silkworms. If you want a rug for decorative purpose and for an area with low traffic then silk would be the best choice as they give an enthralling, delicate and luxuries look to the room where they are placed. Best place to put silk rugs are usuaIly drawing rooms.
Flat weaved rugs made out of cotton plant are very soft and easy to clean, they can be even washed in a washing machine. These woven cotton rugs are ideal for the places with lesser traffic such as kitchen, kids play room or dressing areas.

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How to choose a perfect rug?

This video by Emily Henderson describes what is the best fit rug for your room size.

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Rugs & Carpets: A Basic Groove Where the Creativity Begins. One of the first considerations is selecting a focal point for the room, and it can be brought through rugs and carpets. Get yourself a piece of artwork and bring your artistic taste with the breathtakingly beautiful rugs. Rug it up! Play the excellent game of assembling a fine, handcrafted, artistic carpet in your dwelling with amazing designs like modern, traditional.


The intricately hand-knotted rugs and carpets display the creativity of the weavers. Thus, the grace & durability of such rugs is beyond compare. The talented and skilled artisans coming from a poor background, many have built their ways by mastering the art of weaving. The uniqueness lies in the colors and design and after these handmade rugs mingle well with contemporary decors for modern urban customers.