Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs provide the rich & lavish look to any home & spread the beauty through its colorful designs and premium touch and feel.

If you want your adobe to have your expression or to have your impression than you got to do something which others are not doing that is placing a luxury and beautiful hand-made carpets and rugs at their place. And it is said that a rug is a room’s best friend. 

Carpets and rugs for a home is like a pair of shoes for a well-dressed outfit, completing the look of your place is just like a nice pair of shoes would. No matter whether it is your office, home or other place, rugs can strengthen the decor of any place.

Hand-knotted rugs are any day way durable than machine made rugs, machine made carpets tends to lose their value once they are used even when it is in good condition. This is one of the main reasons if you are looking to buy a carpets, you should buy hand-made carpets and rugs because it is an investment.

Buy a luxury piece of artwork and bring your artistic taste with the beautiful hand made rugs at Pristine Rugs and here get the best carpets and rugs that you've been looking since long "quality rugs that justify its cost.

Get Plethora of Carpets and Rugs

In a room where excitement lacks carpets and rugs is an element that would add the beautiful appeal by covering the floor with a nice and luxurious rug. Don't worry your problem will be solved in a matter of minutes at Pristine Rugs. Because we provide wide variety of hand made carpets and rugs made in wool, silk, cotton and many more. And give us your design we will make it happen in real.
Carpets Types: A Floor-Art that Your Room Shouts Out Loud For

…rugs & carpets are the perfect finishing touch to any home…

 Use rugs and decorate your home marvelously. They are the best and easiest way to add rich texture and element to any place and bring warmth to the interiors. Floor carpets in the home give the space a rich and royal look by placing the overdyed rugs which is bold and rich in colors and blends with your room interior. And these rugs can bring a burst of different colors in homes and embellish the floors of our homes with their presence. 

You may doubt that how an overdyed rug would look beneath bulky furniture or on a carpeted floor. But when the carpet is placed right it will give a style statement to the room interior. An overdyed rug will highlight the interior and draws everyone’s eye- towards it.

Solid carpets with light and bright colors are a great way to give the interiors a certain style with some sort of design element in it. Whether you want to add traditional style or create a boho wonderland, they will fulfill all your needs. You can pair them with the other decorative items in your adobe to create a style statement.

For a mismatched and colorful look, opt for the rugs that come with the colors that perfectly blends with your room interior. Like, if you have modern style furniture and decorative items at your space, pair it with a bright color solid rug. This mind-blogging sensational combination will turn any room into an ultra-sophisticated space.

If you want to draw everyone’s attention towards your home interior, then, place a traditional rug. This traditional carpet will add a splash of colour will turn an ordinary room into a luxurious space. It will juice up your dwelling even further and make it not only the snuggest but also the most elegant “room” in the house.

With these traditional carpets prove to be a scene-stealer in any house, providing a lavish and premium look along with luxuriousness. These can fit with any decor and provide a tremendous feeling in the house. So get traditional rugs for an absolute classic and royal feel. 

So these traditional rugs cannot be out of style.

modern rugs and carpets

From the pages of the Arabian nights: Aladdin had his flying carpet which was always with him in all of his adventures which is now not in trend. So, opt for the piece that has a modern pattern as it will attract the people visiting your place and will also give the space a modern charm.

Living in the 21st century decorate the interiors: bring home the different rugs to give your home a feeling of love and warmth with modern carpets. When it is about the interiors of our home than we want the best out of it, but the other option that is getting in trend with the trend is that buying modern rugs. And these rugs are acceptable worldwide and which are now more in trend to get the best for your modern home.

oriental rugs and carpets

Renowned for their rich colors and interesting designs, oriental rugs are made with all-natural silk, wools, vegetable dyes, rather than using synthetic materials. These carpets are perfectly fit in any place of the home.

This hand-knotted oriental rug is a heavy textile piece made for a wide variety of utilitarian and emblematic purposes. Oriental rugs can be made in flat woven without pile or pile woven using various materials like wool, silk, and cotton. These wool and silk traditional rugs give soothing effects to your barefoot.

So no — the oriental rug can never be outdated.

These are not only for warmth but also for decoration. We all have different tastes, preferences and we like to decorate our homes the way we want it to be. So, why not start decorating it with flatweave rugs or rather dhurries? Why not bring different colors, textures, patterns in the home through the cotton dhurries? A splash of art for those dull floor tiles, this stunning cotton rug will work the best.

Enhance the decor of your living space with a beautiful hand-woven cotton rug. Own a piece of artwork and bring your artistic tastes with the cotton carpets at Pristine Rugs. These are durable and easy to clean, these woven cotton rugs can surely become the head-turner of your room.

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