Varieties of Hand-Knotted Rugs and Carpets for Every Interior

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When you are at home, don’t you love the feel of walking around with your feet naked? Don’t you desire to feel the soft and warm fabric under your sole?

Ayurveda also talks about the health benefits of walking barefoot, at-least in the home.
Since the chill and the toughness of the floor make it uncomfortable for the sensitive sole of our feet.

Rugs and carpets can prove to be a boon for us, when we want to wander around our house, relaxed, comfortable, and barefoot. 
It’s just not about walking! We can also lie down, enjoying the fluff of the carpet with our arms and feet widely stretched. The mushiness of the rugs will cradle you to sleep if you are already feeling lazy.

hand made rugs

Carpets and rugs are not only for walking or lying down but add immensely to the aesthetics of the room.

This beautiful hand-knotted carpet and rugs surely enhance the beauty of any home and rugs are necessary for a perfect bedroom.

Rugs come in multiple varieties, suited to different uses as well as aesthetic needs.

Here are the numerous varieties of hand-made rugs and carpets that can adorn the decors of all sorts.

Varieties of Hand-Knotted Rugs and Carpets for living and bedroom room

Soft Hand-knotted Woolen Rugs
Woolen Rugs are the best when it comes to comfort. Wool Carpets looks plush in design and style and are low cost and durable as well.
The softness that your foot sole will experience on a wool rug will be unmatched.
The upkeep of these units is also easy. Using a vacuum cleaner, two to three times a week is enough to keep it clean and maintained in good condition.

hand knotted wool rugs

Luxurious Hand-knotted Silk Carpets
Silk carpets have been a part of the decor of the royalties for years. The spectacular look of these rugs, glorify the look of the decor in wonderful ways.
The softness of a silk rugs is unparalleled, and so is the experience of walking, resting or lying on a silk carpet.
Due to the delicateness of silk, a rug made in silk cannot stand prolonged usage. Never the less, if room aesthetics stand as a priority for you, a silk rug will never cease to astonish you.

hand knotted silk rug

Multi-Purpose and Basic, Cotton floor Carpets
Cotton carpets are the most popular ones among the range of rugs and carpets. These units are light in weight. Mats made in cotton are multi-faceted and can be put in the living room, bedroom, below the sink, entry-way, or any other place of interest.
Carpets made in cotton are easy to clean and maintain. Since, these are light in weight you can dust them off easily, on a daily basis.


Natural Fiber Carpets of Traditional Style
These floor carpets add an organic look to the room ambiance. These carpets are made of natural fibers such as jute or sisal.
These carpets bestow a traditional look to the decor of the room. 
The life of these carpets is pretty good when compared to the other types mentioned here

Modern Rugs for Modern Interiors
These modern carpets made of artificial silk and New Zealand Wool mimic the look of any of the modern interiors.
These are durable carpets and are built for rough and tough use by the highly skilled artisans.

modern rugs

Rugs and carpets provide a soft ground to walk, keep our feet relaxed while sitting, and aid our desire of lying on the ground.
Besides, these units serve numerous purposes like making the room look clean, organized and charming. 
Order these hand-made rugs and carpets from Pristine Rugs numerous varieties of material and we will deliver it to your place. Rugs or carpets made in each material are beneficial to us in multiple ways.

When Do we need wool rugs?

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Wool is the most popular material when it comes to defining the materials for rugs. Viscose and silk, however, taste good market share as well. Since wool grabs the utmost priority and top-notch styling factor, it gets a normal price point than the rest. Different varieties of hand-knotted rugs like New Zealand wool, Mohair, Himalayan wool, and Indian Wool, etc. can give different touch and visuals.

hand knotted modern rug

We need a wool rug because:

  • Wool is biodegradable
  • authentic
  • stylish
  • sustainable
  • easy to clean
  • and most importantly safe for your family.
wool rugs

So let us delve into the points to know their benefits on why you need wool rugs:-

Treat to eyes: Beautiful wool rugs increase the beauty of the house and will complete the decor too. They come in various styles, techniques, and designs. They are inculcated in homes from aesthetics. A colorful and full of patterns wool rug if placed in a room than it will bring light and vibrancy to a room. And if you get a rug that is of different shade and pattern than it will become a center of attraction.

handmade modern rugs and carpets

For insulation:  Wool rug provides comfort underfoot, and providing excellent sound absorption and heat. Most of the houses have hardwood flooring and hardwood floors can get cold when the temperature decreases.
So if you have such floors than you must have wool rugs for warmth. Eve a carpet in your living space can give a very cozy and comfortable feel to you and your family.

Design Choices: There are a lot of choices of designs available at Pristine Rugs. You must have the one that you think will align with the theme and tone of your house. You can place a cartoon design rug in your kid’s rooms as they enjoy the feel of them under their feet.
Bright color rugs bring a burst of colors in homes. Rugs and carpets are perfect for any bedroom decoration.

Budget-Friendly: We at Pristine Rugs & Carpets provide all our rugs at a competitive price, we provide an exceptional selection of wool rugs at competitive prices so everyone has a beautiful rug in their home. Because silk rugs are a little expensive as compare to wool rugs. Or you can buy hand-tufted rugs as well, or if you want need hand-knotted rugs then buy our New Zealand Wool & Art Silk rugs it will budget-friendly.

Cleaning the carpet: There are numerous ways to clean your carpet. Wool rugs are known to be durable. Wool fibers help them keep their shape and colors, even in areas of heavy traffic. Wool rugs naturally repel stains but are less water-resistant than other rugs.

Even though most people think that they don’t have to decorate the floors, a rug can highly change the look of any room and make it look plush with the feel and finish. The hand-knotted wool, silk, viscose, rugs and carpets will definitely take you by surprise with their sheer brilliance and amazing texture, designs.

i.) Wool rugs are budget-friendly as compare to a silk rug,
ii.) wool rugs capable enough to make a normal interior to a luxury and upmarket interior,
iii.) you get various designs options as you get in silk or viscose or any other carpet, at a nominal cost,
iv.) and, these are easy to cleans and can easily handle heavy foot traffic.
v.) wool rugs come with a wide range of color options to choose from as per your home interior.

With this, you can explore our carpets varieties presented on Pristine Rugs. Now, your job will be visiting these categories and choose the most enticing rug for your interiors. If you have an order or any query, kindly contact us.

What thing is necessary for a perfect bedroom?

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The home decoration concept is revolutionizing. The beauty of a home can be accentuated with several decorations like furniture, wall coverings, handmade rugs and carpets, wall hangings, furniture, etc. At Pristine Rugs and Carpets, you will get a wide variety of hand-knotted rugs and carpets.
While selecting home decorator collection for your house, rugs and carpets play an important role, the solution is to look out for the space available and you need to create use of it. While selecting decor space in your house should need to be taken into account. Utilize the space and creatively add rugs that perfectly blends with your home interior.

Things which are necessary for a perfect bedroom?

  •  Rugs and carpets: The moment you have selected modern or traditional or transitional or classic carpets and rugs can be a starting point for house decoration items.
    A carpet or a rug ties up a room together to give an intimate atmosphere. It’s like without carpets, all the decoration in your room appears as if floating.
hand made rugs and carpets
  • Photo frames – We all want to maintain the image clicked and adorned in a picture frame of their moment. Hunt for exclusive photo frames with beveled glass, unconventional designs, or clay fruity one for the child’s room.
  • Curtains: A bedroom without curtains can feel uninviting. So it’s always recommended to find and buy curtains that have subtle colors, patterns, and textures. For more aesthetic appeal, pick curtains that pull in colors from your rugs, wall colors, and other furniture and furnishings. 
  • Wall clocks – Wall clocks do more than telling time to your decor. Pendulum clock and Cuckoo watches provide an antique feel to the room and adds a touch of glamour. 
  • Wall hangings – Wall hangings can instantly bring bedroom walls to life. It adds more personality to any room and warms up with a sense of familiar comfort. 
  • Decorative mirrors – Jumbo Mughal painting mirror provides conventional Indian touch to your dressing room. A mirror makes any room feels airy and more open by the lights around the room. 
  • Furnishings – Furniture has not necessarily been of wood. Against this trend now get a wrought iron, pipe, cane furniture to save room. Many home decor shops or home decor boutiques have mushroomed throughout the nation and qualified interior decorator there easily assist you quickly turn your abode into a godly place. They understand mechanisms of designing, thus are of great help.
  • Metal figurines: Whether you love a modern piece of art or simplistic décor, brass, or white metal idols of gods, a statue of Venus also is nice decorative items.
  • Religious symbols – Spiritual symbols owe due reverence. It surrounds us. A single viewing of religious symbol can bring positivity and energy. 
  • Bed: As the name itself says perfect bedroom so the bed is the necessary thing in any bedroom whether it be upholstered bed, divan bed, poster bed. A bed with proper and matching bedding is like a room’s best friend.