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Pristine Rugs and Carpets have been offering comprehensive, client-standard rugs and carpets with our talented and highly-skilled weavers. While manufacturing handmade rugs and carpets have always ensured quality and colors (whether or not made as per the standard) of the finished product.

We deliver our products on time with our teams members who continuously coordinate with others and make sure about timely delivery. From the beginning, our aim was the client-first approach that helped us to keep our clients happy, satisfied and cared for with each transaction.

Under the incredible leadership of our CEO, we’ve been growing firmly in the market and expanding our business and its presence to new markets and clients that are anew. The industry knowledge and exposure he has expanded over the years always acted as the driving strength behind each achievement and growth milestone. we have been able to add several products under his leadership and will continue in upcoming years.
The company’s aim always was and will be to change the livelihoods of our daily wage workers and help them to grow financially and emotionally.

Our Mission

We commit to providing a stress-free business experience by providing the best possible quality products followed by the service that caters to our customer’s needs. And our mission is to make our company a leading company in our sector and we continuously try hard and innovative to bring some changes to society and give it back to the society in the form of the betterment of employees, daily wages workers, etc. to make their lives better by making them financially sound as well as emotionally sound.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in the niche industries by defining excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty while offering unmatchable products (with quality and price) as per the need.
Honor all commitments to our customers, employees, and shareholders while administering business with unwavering high standards of friendliness, faith, belief (trust), professionalism, and moral ethics. Our growth and profitability are dedicated to continuous innovation and the pursuit of new ideas and opportunities to stimulate profitable growth.

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When it comes to barbequing, there are two main schools of thought for the techniques that you can use. Freshly scrambled eggs with applewood smoked bacon - are amazing!


When it comes to barbequing, there are two main schools of thought for the techniques that you can use. Freshly scrambled eggs with applewood smoked bacon - are amazing!

We turn ideas into works of art

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    Rugs & Carpets: A Basic Groove Where the Creativity Begins. One of the first considerations is selecting a focal point for the room, and it can be brought through rugs and carpets. Get yourself a piece of artwork and bring your artistic taste with the breathtakingly beautiful rugs. Rug it up! Play the excellent game of assembling a fine, handcrafted, artistic carpet in your dwelling with amazing designs like modern, traditional.


    The intricately hand-knotted rugs and carpets display the creativity of the weavers. Thus, the grace & durability of such rugs is beyond compare. The talented and skilled artisans coming from a poor background, many have built their ways by mastering the art of weaving. The uniqueness lies in the colors and design and after these handmade rugs mingle well with contemporary decors for modern urban customers.