Rugs and Carpets

The alluring rugs and carpets that bring warmth, luxury with color & style, making your room cozy & comfortable, finding such rugs is now easy at Pristine Rugs. Explore the astonishing collection of several types of handmade rugs and carpets like Gabbeh, Indo Tibetan, Nepali, Modern, Traditional, Oushak, Persian, Mahi Tabriz, Ziegler, Zero Pile, Low Pile, Flat Weave, Dhurries and many more.

Decades of craftsmanship

The intricately hand-knotted rugs and carpets display the creativity of the weavers. Thus, the grace & durability of such rugs is beyond compare. The talented and skilled artisans coming from a poor background, many have built their ways by mastering the art of weaving. The uniqueness lies in the colors and design and after these handmade rugs mingle well with contemporary decors for modern urban customers. 

Rugs: piece of Paradise

Rugs & Carpets: A Basic Groove Where the Creativity Begins. 
One of the first considerations is selecting a focal point for the room, and it can be brought through rugs and carpets. Get yourself a piece of artwork and bring your artistic taste with the breathtakingly beautiful rugs. Rug it up! Play the excellent game of assembling a fine, handcrafted, artistic carpet in your dwelling with amazing designs like modern, traditional.

Astonishing Collection Of Rugs and Carpets

Pristine Rugs believes in the magic of handmade carpets that add luxury and charm to your home just like your friends. Thanks to different rugs materials like bamboo silk, wool, viscose, natural silk, sari silk, New Zealand Wool, etc. for adding style and beauty to your life.

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